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I am a Berlin-based, culturally fluid storyteller who prides himself on being genre-agnostic. Born and raised in Düsseldorf to a French father and American mother, and married into an Indian family, I carry French, American, and Indian (OCI) citizenship. I studied filmmaking in Los Angeles, and after a fruitful career as an animator and motion designer for the American television industry, I made the jump to full-time screenwriting in 2019. I spend a couple months of the year in Mumbai, where I work as a represented screenwriter for Bollywood. I’ve had the privilege of working with award-winning directors and some of the most exciting production companies in Indian cinema and television. I am quickly gaining a reputation for infusing biting satire into dark subject matter. I’m a generous collaborator and feel I work best in a diverse writers’ room where egos are checked at the door and ideas can be shared freely.

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